Forest SanghaNewsletterJULY 1988

Mind Conditions the World; Ajahn Sumedho
Amaravati Exhibition; Lay People's Practice
View from Switzerland; Tiradhammo Bhikkhu
Emerald Buddhas; Amaro Bhikkhu
The State of America Out West; Ajahn Anando
Old Insights in New England; Sucitto Bhikkhu



Off to Print

This Newsletter is principally for communication; hopefully it is also of some interest. Personally there are things I'd like to see in it that haven't appeared: I wish, for instance, that someone had written even a small piece to commemorate Ajahn Chah's 70th Birthday on June 17th. As it is, this reminder and the silence of that day's practice will have to serve.

This is how, within a couple of weeks, the Newsletter is created. People send in material, sometimes with a little coaxing (no good Buddhist thinks that what they're doing is worth communicating); notices and last-minute articles are created and the whole lot is typed out by one nun; it is proof-read, edited and retyped; then handed over to David on the computer for "typesetting"; then it comes back for design and paste up by a couple of people-and goes off to the printers. We chose these printers because although their equipment is old, they use the Newsletter as part of a training scheme and don't charge for labour. They're not keen on photographs, though.

This periodical occurs through people getting together and giving what they can. It comes out of what comes in - the simplest law of nature.
After a week or so, during which time the typist has assembled the mailing list and prepared the envelopes, the Newsletter comes back for mailing. Postage costs affect the size of the Newsletter and how quickly we can get it to you; in North America a Thai community in New York covers the costs of printing and posting, and similar situations exist in Switzerland, New Zealand and Australia. Like all of this sangha's life, this periodical occurs through people getting together and giving what they can. It comes out of what comes in - the simplest law of nature.

Recently we upgraded our out-of-print meditation booklet with a view to having something to offer wherever needed. We'd printed and given away about 10,000 of the first edition in the last couple of years, so it seems that people appreciate them. However, the new booklet will need to be sponsored, as publications expenditure has to be met independent of general funds. David Cowey covered the costs of the galleys; Barry Durrant heard about it and magnificently threw in GBP500, which sets the presses up and will produce 1,000; subsequent thousands cost about 9150 each - which compares favourably with The Daily Tabloid - so it makes sense to produce a few thousand at one run. A couple of other people have made a generous response, but a print run of less than 5,000 is not going to cover much ground. So if you've benefited from meditation instruction, you might like to consider what contribution you can make for the welfare of the manyfolk. The English Sangha Trust (Publications) at Amaravati will act as the bursar.

And for the Newsletter, we're going to allow another week to work on it in the future, so - contributions by September 3rd, please.

Ajahn Sucitto