Forest Sangha Newsletter January 1990

Sangha & the Basis of Community; Ajahn Santacitto
Accepting the Way Things Are; Sister Thanissara
Declan's Gift; Venerable Kovido
In the Footsteps of the Wise; Ajahn Liam
Question Time; Than Ajahn Sumedho
The Dhamma of Relationship; Ajahn Sucitto

Three Poems:

Three Poems


Still as a circle of stones
We moved into quiet mind
Ferried by quiet wind of breathing.
Solitary observing the inner life
Gives deep experience of present moment,
Of the wisdom of non-contention, of
Lettings thing be as they are.

Meditation anoints the mind with clearity.
The word sacred visits the circle,
The circle is so special,
Motionless pilgrims journey,
To unending light, to peace.

George Coombs


The Enlightenment

In a deep calm forest,
The sunrise beats down on
The wise one.

A sweet singing bird lands -
And hunts for food.

All is peaceful and quiet,
The wise one sits in silence,

Thinkig of nothing,
Feeling nothing but the truth of life.

All alone he sits on lotus leaves.

Coloured rays of light shine around
his head,
Glowing the forest,
Animals come out of their homes,
Curious to see this great event.

This is my view on the Buddha's



Child Gone Away

Now he lay there, a still form,
A person gone into final quietness,
A child now with the realm of nature,
Flowers, gifts, good wishes adorned him.

In stillness he taught truth, he showed
In a leaf-frail form the ceasing of
What had arisen, the discourse of his
Short life showed in final exhalation
There is peace.

George Coombs