Forest Sangha Newsletter April 1994

The Resolution of Conflict; Ajahn Jagaro
Child's Play; Ven Sunnato
Images of Sri Lanka; Sister Siripanya
Luang Por Chah's Relics; Ajahn Attapemo
Nourishing the Roots; Aj's Sucitto & Ajahn Amaro
Turning the Wheel in the West; Ajahn Amaro
Alone Together; Ajahn Sucitto


Luang Por Chah's Relics

In January Ajahn's Sumedho and Attapemo went to Wat Pah Pong in Thailand and took part in the final ceremonies to enshrine the Phra Atthi Dhatu (relics) of Luang Por Chah. Ajahn Attapemo explains:

It was all done quite beautifully stretching over seven days. Each day there were periods of meditation and Dhamma Talks. On the fourth day, quietly, the abbots from most of the 152 branch monasteries gathered to take the majority of the relics up to the chedi built for the cremation last year. A chamber had been made inside, into which three reliquaries were placed. To add to the blessing gold necklaces, bracelets and rings were draped over the reliquaries. Some ladies were even taking their rings off their fingers to be enshrined for posterity. Later that day this chamber was sealed with a concrete lid and granite cap-stone.

More than 30,000 people had gathered for the occasion

The final ceremony took place on the 16th January exactly two years since Luang Por Chah's death.

His Majesty King Bhumiphol, sent his Chief Privy Officer to lead the ceremony, and sent a royal invitation to Somdet Buddhajahn to give a desana. A bronze and glass stupa nine feet high had been made for the relics, and the Chief Privy Officer took a crystal platter with thirty selected pieces of the relics and placed this into the glass section of the stupa. Somdet Buddhajahn and twenty other important monks invited to honour the occasion led the chanting of 'Jayanto' along with 1200 more monks sitting inside and around the chedi. Outside around the chedi more than 30,000 people had gathered for the occasion.

Along with the relics are the ashes. These were equally divided among the 152 branch monasteries, including a small packet for every monk and nun.

Also on that day, Ajahn Liam was officially appointed as Abbot of Wat Pah Pong.



The King of Thailand annointing Ajahn Chah's body.