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April    2006            2549            Number 75
The Forest Sangha is a world-wide Buddhist community
in the Thai Forest tradition of Ajahn Chah


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Rocana Vihara ProjectOn 22nd June 1979 the monks arrived at Chithurst House, and ‘Cittaviveka Monastery’ was established. Soon thereafter, with the blessing of Luang Por Chah, women joined the monastic community. The nuns’ residence, Aloka Cottage, a ten minute walk from the main house, was purchased in 1980.
Recently, the property beside Aloka Cottage became available. Given its location and the nuns’ need for more accommodation, the English Sangha Trust bought it, naming the purchase the Rocana Vihara Project. Part of this Project is also to build a shrine room for the nuns as their existing shrine room is small and structurally unsound.

Financial donations can be made to ‘The English Sangha Trust’ at either Amaravati or Cittaviveka. For further information,
contact Medhina: Tel: (01273) 483006 or
email: rocanaproject @amaravati.org.


SumedhoLuang Por Sumedho:

“Until now the nuns have been very dependent on the main house; the new cottage will allow them more separation. For example, they will be able to have their own office there. In this way, though living in the same monastery, they will be less dependent on the house — and that is better, both for the nuns and the monks.
From my position the new cottage seems a very welcome addition. If you can make the situation better for the nuns at Cittaviveka, I think ‘Why not?’ It makes sense, if possible, to improve it.

Sister ThaniyaSister Thaniya:

“The Rocana Vihara got off to an auspicious start. On the 3rd of January lay friends offered dana there to the whole community – quite a feat, as we had gained access just that morning. During that day many folk came to see the place, and many joined our ‘scrubbing party’. As the winter retreat was about to begin we did a ‘good enough’ move; we will sort out some of the logistics in spring. The cottage feels good to be in: it quickly had the sense of being part of the monastery.
Given the pressure on Aloka and the shared resources at the main house the sisters are grateful to have more room and to now have reasonable accommodation to offer our guests. The advent of Rocana Vihara meant more women could benefit from the winter retreat here.
There have been many spontaneous and heart-warming happenings in support: blessings keep pouring in the door. The generosity of heart that has manifested in response to the news of the Project is something for the community here to remember: may it fuel our practice.”




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