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April     2007                  2550                      Number 79
The Forest Sangha is a world-wide Buddhist community
in the Thai Forest tradition of Ajahn Chah


Ajahn Nyanarato



“In our modern world we want to see results as quickly as possible. There is constant pressure to keep up with the latest advances, together with a fear of being left behind.

“We rush into getting results. But what happens to us when we do that? What happens to us, to ourselves? These questions should be considered when we sincerely look for peace.

“In this context, patience is one of the key qualities that we need to recognize more consciously. Often, we see patience as old-fashioned; it looks the opposite of keeping pace with the world. But if we are to find a way to live together peacefully, the virtue of patience is essential.

“How are we when we are patient? How is the state of the body, the mind? Is it simply negative ‐ or passive? Or is it the moment of being nourished, the moment of regaining our strength?

“The moment we are patient we gain inner strength and, more importantly, it leads us to realize that very moment is complete in itself. Nothing is missing.

“The second we start wanting something to be over, the moment our minds start pushing towards whatever we think is coming next, we lose the immediacy of the present moment.

“It is impatience that takes us away from what is happening now. On the other hand, it is patience that keeps us in the here and now, attending to each and every moment of our lives.” 




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