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forest sangha newsletter
October        2007               2550                 Number  81
The Forest Sangha is a worldwide Buddhist monastic
community in the Thai forest tradition of Ajahn Chah

nunsAbout this issue

Welcome to the Forest Sangha Newsletter online. This issue can be found in several places. You can download the whole newsletter as it was printed and distributed, or you can browse this website to find the individual articles and bits of news. Click "download pdf" for a PDF of the newsletter as it was printed. If the PDF is too large for you to download, the entire newsletter (absent a few photographs) is available on the pages of this website. Be sure to check the sidebars (FSN notices, Grapevine, etc.) for current announcements and Sangha news, which change with each issue.

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lightThe richest surprise

Luang Por Sumedho looks back at the haphazard glory –
the emergence of a nuns’ order

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Ajahn SundaraThe first siladhara: Ajahn Sundara

Having been with the Sangha since its beginnings in Britain, Ajahn Sundara and Ajahn Candasiri are the two most senior siladhara. We asked them to reflect on their lives as they near the completion of their 25th vassa …

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candasiriThe first siladhara: Ajahn Candasiri

What have you found brings you alive in the monastic life?
The sense that what I’m doing contributes in some way to the welfare of humanity. Of course that happens in many ways. Sometimes it’s obvious, sometimes not. On a personal level, I find that I am now able to respond more effectively to difficult situations without becoming so embroiled or upset by them. This has been particularly noticeable …

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thanissaraThe first siladhara: Thanissara

Thanissara considers her experience entering the robes and leaving them in her continuing commitment to a Buddhist path

It is 25 years since the 14th of August 1983, when the first ‘Going Forth’ into alms mendicancy was undertaken by four women at Chithurst Monastery inspired by the Buddha’s dispensation. I was one of those women. …

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thaniWhat supports waking up?

Ajahn Thaniya, the senior nun at Cittaviveka, looks at
how things have been

Taking a retrospective look at the nuns’ community at Cittaviveka and my time here isn’t easy. As with anything, what you see depends on the time and place you look from – a different mood equals a different reality, different people means different realities. And, even if there is some consensus on ‘what happened’...

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upePushing at the edges

An interview with Ajahn Upekkha

When I came to the monastery I had a sense of urgency because my sister, just one year younger than me, had died. I cared for her through that process. She showed me that I had work to do, this was her gift. I didn’t want to die the way she died, with terror and fear. In the end …

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KovidaStaying with the journey

Ajahn Kovida shares some of her recent experiences
practising in Asia 

In October 2005 I departed for Thailand, planning to spend eight months away. As it turned out I extended
the trip for a further eight months in order to practise in Burma. After 12 years living between Amaravati and Cittaviveka I embarked on this journey because …

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nunsThe Creation of the Order of Siladhara

Ajahn Sucitto

I have spent all but a year or so of my 32 years of monastic life living in monasteries with nuns. Actually it all depends what is meant by living with, and what is meant by nuns. In Thailand the monastery I was living in had many maechees, that is shaven-headed women keeping the Eight Precepts, practising meditation, virtue and renunciation, and often making commitments of many years. Yet the culture then as now, to a large extent, did not regard them as a female equivalent to the monks – the bhikkhus.

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taiWomen’s Role in the Sangha

Sister Cintamani reports on the recent Hamburg Congress on bhikshuni ordination.

From July 18–21 the first International Congress on Buddhist Women’s Role in the Sangha: Bhikshuni Vinaya and Ordination Lineages was held in Hamburg, Germany. The congress was initiated by HH the Dalai Lama, and attracted a gathering of senior Sangha members from …

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