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The Forest Sangha is a worldwide Buddhist monastic
community in the Thai forest tradition of Ajahn Chah

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Dhamma on the World Wide Web
A guide to some community websites


Here, with brief descriptions, are some of the websites run by monasteries associated with Ajahn Sumedho. There are more in America and Australasia; this list is limited to those in Europe. More is also in the works, such as an archive of Ajahn Sumedho’s past Dhamma talks. For links to our worldwide websites please visit:

Portal page: was set up by the Sangha at Harnham at a time when various branch monasteries around the world were beginning to establish websites. It seemed useful to have a single place one could go that linked to all the Ajahn Chah branch monasteries, at least those with a presence on the Web. As well as being a portal to our worldwide community of monasteries, the site hosts Dhamma teachings including a range of Sangha publications and foreign language translations, and useful links to other websites.


Internet downloads:

This is the place to go to find MP3 downloads. The site hosts many talks, guided meditations and chanting.

Over the years groups have requested permission to host Dhamma talks by teachers from our monasteries at their own websites. The Sangha elders agreed it would be better if we allowed others to link to one website that we could steward ourselves. Although facilities exist in the public domain like, where a huge number of talks could be hosted without any payment required, we thought that for as long as it is possible, it’s better that we maintain our own Web space for the presentation of Dhamma in a context independent of more worldly material. The resulting website,, is made possible at the moment through the generous sponsorship of a donor in this country.

While each of our monasteries might host talks on its own website, only the talks at have necessarily received thorough editing attention and are released for general copying and worldwide distribution. At present the site is managed by the Sangha at Harnham and is receiving about 5000 ‘hits’ a month. It also supplies material for a Dhamma radio station in Thailand.


CD distribution:

The Sangha is keen to make available the free distribution of Dhamma talks to people without a computer or who don’t have access to a good broadband service, and this is done through the free distribution of CDs. A group of six people calling themselves Dhamma Threads receive orders, prepare, print, and distribute these discs. Currently about 3000 CDs a year are sent out worldwide. Those who use this service can make an online donation if they wish, towards the ongoing effort to spread Dhamma. About 25% of those who request and receive CDs make a donation. The donations are stewarded by the Magga Bhavaka Trust, who cover postage costs; other costs incurred are offered as an act of dana by the Dhamma Threads group.


Sangha newsletter:

As diligent readers will know, the Forest Sangha Newsletter has its own website. Each issue can be found there, for downloading in its published form as a PDF file, or for viewing the articles and news on separate web pages. Back issues dating back to the first FSNs published in the eighties can also be found there.


Lay community:

This website is run by the Amaravati Lay Buddhist Association (ALBA). It provides information and support to the extended community of lay practitioners. The site hosts the Community Newsletter, which is produced two or three times a year in paper and electronic form.



The website for Amaravati Buddhist Monastery, as well as for the Amaravati Retreat Centre, and Family Events. The Retreat Centre is a specific area of the monastery set aside for formal meditation retreats, taught by members of the monastic community. Online booking forms are available.



A website offering an introduction to Cittaviveka Buddhist Monastery, known also as Chithurst.



A website offering an introduction to Aruna Ratanagiri Buddhist Monastery, known also as Harnham.



A website offering an introduction to Hartridge Buddhist Monastery.



A website offering an introduction to Dhammapala Buddhist Monastery in Switzerland. Available only in the German language.



A website offering an introduction to Santacittarama Buddhist Monastery in Italy. Available in Italian and English.


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