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These days it’s easy to worry about the world. But what is the world? The Buddha’s approach was not to believe in the perceptions and views we hold, but to look into what it is we actually experience. We can learn to see what the world, as we experience it in the present moment, is made of. Our perceptions, our assumptions, ideas, feelings and sensations – whatever the relative truth of the picture of the world they provide us, all these can also be seen just for what they are: the fundamental experience of form, of feeling, perception, mental fabrication, sensory consciousness happening right now. The world can be seen for what it is, not something ‘out there’ within which we live (that’s an idea in the mind), but as physical and mental processes we are experiencing in awareness.


The end of the world is here, as Luang Por Chah told Ajahn Sumedho, who in his Dhamma Talk points out that practising to recognize this truth is the purpose of Sangha life; for it is in the relinquishment of our habitually grasping relationship to this ‘world’ that the end of suffering is realized. That may be essentially simple but it’s so subtle and deeply rooted we need to fully dedicate ourselves to this practice, which goes against usual social values based on self-identity and attainment. As Upasika Kee Nanayon makes clear in her teaching, it is necessary to still the mind through practice, abandon what we are grasping, and pursue and investigate this matter ourselves.

There are poems and drawings in this issue as well, the sharing of various images. Ajahn Abhinando has recently had published a book of his poetry in English and German, called When Everything Is Said / Wenn Alles Gesagt Ist, which is available online at www.ratanagiri.org.uk/books.htm. Hard copies (in limited numbers) are also available for those interested: please contact your local monastery. The poems in this newsletter are his. And Ajahn Thitadhammo, longtime resident at Cittaviveka Monastery, made all the drawings on these pages.

With all best wishes,
Bhikkhu Jayanto

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