trees Will o’ the Wisp

Through the crack in personality
enters something tender:

a dark angel deals the cards,
building a prison from light.
Faces flap
like transparent flags.
Bright candles, white tulips, dark room.
Emptiness towers in the cathedrals.
A tree groans inside the soul.
Outside the world belongs to passers-by.
Inside we are not bothered.

The brain-muscle simulates a cramp,
an empty line expanding:

on the pathways of silence,
behind history’s back,
at the abyss of a concluded thought

the smile of sleeping shepherds
is tending the stars.

Meditation and Riposte


Everything moves, and yet,
out of the shimmering rises
a silence.

If you step through this mirror
you will stand
in the flowering room.

Falling asleep
I walk into the wrong room without knocking.
It is dark.

Waking up
I step back into my body.
Nuns cottages
The nuns cottages on the edge of Hammer Wood, Chithurst (detail from a larger drawing)
Poems by Bhikkhu Abhinando - Drawings by Bhikkhu Thitadhammo
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