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Amaravati Kathina – 2 November
The programme for this year is as follows:

10.30 am  Offering of almsfood to the Sangha
1.00 pm  Gather in the Temple
1.15 pm  Taking the Refuges & Five Precepts by the lay community; Paritta chanting by the Sangha; Offering of the Kathina Cloth and requisites to the Sangha; Dhamma Talk

It is a Royal Kathina and the Thai Ambassador will offer the Royal Kathina Robe on behalf of His Majesty the King of Thailand.

Co-sponsores are Mrs Kay Lai Goh and Mrs Kumari Wijeratne.

All welcome!

Family events
Young Person Retreat: November 21–23rd
Creative Retreat:  December 19–21st

Booking forms and further information about these and all family events can be downloaded from or contact: familyevents AT amaravati DOT org
Amaravati lay events 2008
Amaravati Lay Buddhist Association (ALBA):
These events provide an opportunity to practise together and explore themes relevant to daily life. Events are led by experienced lay-teachers. All are welcome.
Days of Practice – no need to book
9.45 a.m. for 10–5 p.m. (Please bring food to share)
Retreats – advanced booking essential
5.30 p.m. Fri. – 4 p.m. on the last day.
17–19 October: Weekend Retreat: Opening the heart (Martin)
1 November:    Day of Practice: Awareness & daily life (Nick)
6 December:     Day of Practice: Sleeping with the enemy (Chris)

Please check for late programme changes on our website:
More information, including retreat booking forms may be found there.

Buddhist Women’s Network
7 December: Day Retreat at Amaravati
Coming Home (Jenni Jepson)  9.45 am–5 pm
No need to book, please bring food to share.
28 February: Day Retreat at Amaravati
May: Weekend Retreat in the North, led by Chris Blain (to be confirmed)
24–26 July: Weekend retreat at Amaravati
13 December: Day retreat at Amaravati
For details contact jennijepson AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk

Aruna Ratanagiri
Harnham Kathina – 26 October
Harnham’s Kathina will be held on 26 October 2008. It is being offered this year by Mr. Chawalit Prapunwong (Khun Jeab). Luang Por Sumedho and many other senior monks and nuns will be joining us. The celebrations will start at 10 am.

For further details or if you would like to give a hand with preparations or clearing up please phone or email Khun Jeab at 0791 903 2759 or cprapunwong AT hotmail DOT com
Kusala House Retreats
For the 2009 schedule please check the website at

Chithurst Kathina – 19 October

Devon Kathina – 9 November
Tree planting
At Hartridge we have a tree planting scheme for the autumn and are looking for a few people to help on a residential basis for up to a few weeks from mid-late November into early December.  There is information about the project, and contact details, on our website:

Winter Retreat support in Switzerland
The community at Dhammapala offers the opportunity for experienced Dhamma practitioners to support the resident Sangha for the 2009 Winter Retreat during the months of January and February. Ideally we would like to invite people for one month, but there will also be space for those who can only stay a fortnight. Besides the helping duties, which are entirely around kitchen activities, there will be plenty of time for individual practice within the splendid mountain environment. Applicants can direct their enquiry to Margrit at: info AT dhammapala DOT ch

News from Wellington, NZ
Our very harmonious Rains Retreat draws to a close and we once again enter a more active phase of the monastic routine.

I will soon be travelling for teaching engagements in Christchurch and Sydney, plus attending two Buddhist conferences, one in Japan and one in Auckland. Quite a number of Sangha from overseas will be attending the Auckland conference and two of them, Bhante Gunaratana from Bhavana Society, USA and Ven. Aggacitta from Malaysia will also make visits to Bodhinyanarama.

The change of season brings inevitable change to the resident community. After seven years in residence at Bodhinyanarama, Bhante Jinalankara has decided to move north to be better able to offer more teaching to a wider range of people. He will likely be based in Hamilton and make frequent teaching trips to various parts of NZ and Australia.

Ven. Narado’s year in NZ is quickly coming to its end. On Nov. 26 he begins his 30 hour journey back to Chithurst Monastery, just in time for another winter (but also winter retreat). In November we also expect the arrival of two new monks. Ven. Kalyano, ordained in England ten years ago, will be staying for six months, while Ven. Nyanadassano, a Czech monk of eight Rains will be coming to stay for several years. Also, before the end of the year we expect Tan Ming from Thailand to join us.

Sala at Bodhinyanarama, New Zealand
In the early part of the New Year, in high summer, we expect to begin the long-awaited project of demolishing the old kitchen and begin the building of a new one, with an upper storey reception and eating hall. Funds are not quite sufficient to complete the First Phase; however, with many offers of help we hope to keep the monetary outlay down while still being able to have a usable kitchen by March when the autumn rains begin.

With Metta, Ajahn Tiradhammo
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