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As usual, many things have been happening at Amaravati this year, and the monks’ and nuns’ communities have seen their share of activity, of comings and goings, and of opportunities for silent retreat.

This has included building the first of the kutis in the field for which we recently gained planning permission (four new kutis for siladhara and three for the bhikkhus). Below are some of the photos taken by the nuns as they managed their part of that project.

The male community was happy to host a number of monastic visitors, including the Sri Lankan bhikkhu Bhante Sudassi, who spent the Vassa with us and stayed on until December. Ven. Sudassi was a delightful member of our crew – we wish him all the best and hope he’ll have a chance sometime to return.

We also welcomed in to the community a new bhikkhu and samanera: Tan Paramito became a bhikkhu in July and Anagarika Antonin became Samanera Akaliko.

Katina1 Katina2Katina3
monksnunsThai ambassador
Images from the Amaravati Kathina, November 2008. Once again His Excellency the Thai Ambassador offered a Kathina Robe on behalf of His Royal Highness King Bhumibol Adhulyadej, the King of Thailand

Anagarika Doris provided invaluable help
Kuti in the making
Tons of wood, roof tiles and insulation arrive

Nuns kuti
Every piece of wood needed painting before the kuti
could be assembled
Nuns kuti
The marquee helped keep the materials dry

Ajahn Anandabodhi
Ajahn Anandabodhi takes a break

kuti assembly
Within three days the contractors had assembled the kuti – a double-skinned log cabin with 10 cm insulation
finished kuti
The first new nuns’ kuti is ready for the Winter Retreat.

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