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Acknowledging uncertainty is a basic theme in Buddhist practice, and in a Buddhist monastery this gets expressed in various ways. One way that can come as a relief for those who enter the monastic fold (or it can be endearing – or exasperating – depending on your perspective) is how fully it’s accepted that the various things we do, uncertain as they are and not being our first priority, may not get done as planned – and that’s perfectly all right.

The Forest Sangha Newsletter is something we try to publish regularly, if possible on a quarterly basis. However, it remains dependent on the tides of time and energy available in the monastic community, and sometimes that may mean a particular issue just doesn’t get done. The currents have been such that this issue was nearly one of these … however, we’ve been able to tread water just enough to give it birth.

As in the past we’ve tried to touch in with some of the monasteries at the end of another year, whether that be in the form of a reporting of movements and events, or another kind of offering such as photos or reflections. There is also a vignette written by Ajahn Piyasilo, the Thai monk many of you will know who stayed at Chithurst, and who was back for a couple of months earlier this year.

On behalf of the Sangha, wishing you all blessings for the new year, with metta,

Bhikkhu Jayanto

Monks at Harnham 2008
Male samanas, both resident and visiting, gathered for the New Moon Day of October 2008,
in the Dhamma Hall at Harnham

Light Beyond Flight
The image above was drawn by Ajahn Thitadhammo
at Cittaviveka Monastery, Chithurst
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