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A new website called Dhamma Moon ( will soon be up and running, featuring poetry from the Sangha and others. The website will be edited by Ajahn Sucitto and Ajahn Abhinando, who sent along the following poems.

  Stupa at Amaravati

From Ajahn Sucitto:


From Mahapanyo Bhikkhu:

The Rains Retreat
Parched summer sky:
but let my vows rain through
and every leaf and all places be washed
that your radiance spread its span
and the eye of all things open –
unadopted, coolly present.
Aug. 2
Beautiful regard:
late summer evening.
Among the tremors of intent
the martins’ wings flick the pond
with the harmonies of vanishing.
Aug. 23
Leaving October
a bright moon after the storm
in and out of the clouds.
Morning will bring more rain,
present the shining of dead leaves;
and, like the richest seeing,
a mist that penetrates the bone.
Oct. 23
A Pole
A pole, for creepers, but big ones
I make here with my skeleton.
Straight as I have never been
I break into the earth now,
then death
and the plant will wind themselves around me.
In years to come you still find me
here, changed, but with the same bones.
I have organs made of wood
with sap running inside them,
young shoots hold the spine and all together
and a smooth, green skin are my leaves.
From the skull sprout a couple of buds,
and during the day I see the world with flowers
that close themselves at night.
Moss grows on me to indicate
the North, impossible now
to miss the one direction
I want to take.
The wind
the forceful wind goes over me
and caresses and shakes me.
It almost seems as if I am singing
with that leaf between my jaws.
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